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Electric developing quicker than diesel

I was an early adopter of diesel and it was decades before the motoring press rated some models better to drive as oil burners rather than as petrol versions. It is only recently that electric cars hit the market and already an electric car has been declared best in its class against both diesel and petrol class leaders. It is the Tessla S which is best in class. It happens to be battery powered.

The Tessla S reviewed by Autocar

Changes to the trailer test

The Width of the manoeuvring area has been reduced to 11 metres to make it easier for trainers to provide their own area which is suitable for the vocational test.  It is hoped that these areas will be suitable venues for the DSA driving test.  Likewise it is hoped that large companies such as Halfords will provide driving test facilities thereby allowing current test centres to close when their leases expire.

From November 2013 trailers will need to be laden with a 600kg approved load.  Such a load could include ballast in clear plastic bags, each of the same mass.  One of the said bags should be marked with its mass by the supplier.

Changes to the Annual Test

I received notification this month that discussions are going on at the moment as to the viability of annual tests for trailers. I doubt that legislation will be needed for this – pressure from insurance companies may well ensure that testing will be a prerequisite should any trailer be used on the road. Failure to comply with an annual test could possibly lead to the invalidation of the towing vehicle’s insurance. Should the trailer suffer a defect which results in an accident then the driver of the towing vehicle could be personally liable for the damage. This is my opinion, you understand.

Shock horror – diesel prices at an all time high!

Diesel at £143 per litre, a record high! Relax. Diesel cars are so efficient. Many diesel family cars able to duck under the free road fund licence limit. Petrol car sales are levelling out. This is a bit of a nuisance for oil refining companies since diesel does not need so much refining compared to petrol. Expect an oil refinery or two to go bust later in the year. Clearly this surplus of petrol will reduce its price relative to diesel. Heating oil is similar to diesel and with the recent severe winter experienced in much of the northern hemisphere, there has been a recent drain on heavy oil supplies. Iran cutting off oil deliveries to Europe did not help either.

Consider this – if supplies and consumption were absolutely constant, the cost of diesel would rise monthly in line with inflation. What goes up must go up..