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An electric weekend

Congratulations to Audi for the splendid positions at the top of the leader board in this weekends endurance spectacle.  This is the first time that diesel electric hybrid technology has show-cased in such an important race.  Hopefully these results will hasten the development of efficient hybrid road cars.  Also commiserations to the Nissan Deltawing car which was performing so well before being punted off the track.  Perhaps an ‘open’ class for such futuristic vehicles could be established for next years race.

I was able to test drive an electric Citroen car this weekend.  I was suitably impressed.  The acceleration was perfectly acceptable and it bowled along in the outside lane of the motorway without fuss though lack of engine noise highlighted quite a lot of wind noise.  For a tall softly sprung car it cornered well.  Unlike some electric cars with regenerative braking, slowing was progressive without the sudden loss of retardation when the regeneration turns off.  Better range and a lower price will remove the barrier to strong sales.

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