Damning evidence

The Mail on Sunday October 15 published some damning evidence regarding the real use of speed cameras. An undercover reporter posing as a potential buyer for a foreign country had a meeting with a manufacturer of the speed cameras. This was at a posh dinner and alcohol was used to loosen tongues. John Bond who was recently the Chief Superintendent in charge of speed cameras in Warwick was very forthcoming on the financial advantages of speed cameras. He bragged of the fantastic sums made by these devices and the dubious techniques employed to maximise the returns. The article was a sad account of how motorists are being conned out of money in the name of ‘road safety’
More depressing news – you may have found traffic slowing slower in Bracknell. This is because traffic lights have recently been re-set to detain traffic even when the road is empty. Next time when you are waiting near the front of the queue at lights you will see what I mean. There is probably a political reason for this – perhaps the local council are trying to get the government to build a ring road round the town and jams are being generated to exacerbate the current traffic problems. Travel certainly will become worse when the fields north of Great Hollands become a huge housing estate.