Happy New Year everyone!

Last year was busy for me and the new BMW 1 series is bedding in well. Clients enjoy driving it and my pass rate has improved with this car.
I understand that the cost per mile using public transport is on a par with the cost of running a small car. Obviously if you have passengers it is more cost effective to use your car. This is strange since public transport benefits from economies of scale. Perhaps a carbon tax would alter this?
Clogged roads are causing problems with public transport. I read today that the local bus company has lost one of its routes. It seems that the buses on the 191 route often get snarled up in congestion rendering the service not cost effective.
Clearly government should invest the vast sums generated by speed cameras into our road infrastructure and improve efficiency, rather than deliberately hobbling our roads which is the present case.
I filled up my blue plastic recycle bin when I first got it. I was then told that my plastic should have gone into the green landfill bin. It seems that the only plastic I can put in the bin are plastic milk bottles. At two a week it will be full in a year!