Top Cop – More on the Speeding Cop!

Hughes, the top cop from South Yorkshire was vocal in his draconian views on speeding drivers. Joy de vivre got the better of him and he was clocked doing 90mph in a 60mph zone on the A5 at Wrexham, North Wales, in his Y-reg Audi. He was banned from driving for 42 days for speeding.
Since most car speedometers over read by a considerable margin at high speed it is probable that the clock was reading about 100 mph at that time. His speeding was no accident. Yet many drivers accidentally lose their licence for being a few miles per hour over the limit. Some professions (such as driving instructor) require a license to be held for three years and even losing the license for a day would lead to unemployment.
You can understand my anxiety about losing my license since the mildest transgression could result in a loss of income and terminal debt. Driving is hazardous due to the wealth of high tech devices stacked up by the roadside which will automatically criminalise me and add me to the unemployment statistics. Is short the quality of my life is somewhat ruined by scam-cams. No statistics are taken on the reduction of life expectancy of professional drivers whose employment can be suddenly terminated by these devices.
Usually members of the Police force are absolved from this problem. More than 300 officers have been caught speeding in the past year in Wales. Only 29 cases – less than one in 10 – resulted in points being added to their license. Perhaps I am in the wrong profession, could I be a policeman?.