Is there anyone in charge?

The burst pipe on the Bagshot Road last week caused bedlam as frustrated drivers sought alternative routes last week. Drivers heading south trying to link between the A329M and M3 found their route on diversion via Twin Bridges roundabout, a notorious bottleneck in its own right. Local drivers aware of the problem sought their own diversions only to find themselves in long queues of traffic threading their way through housing estates.
I appreciate that the Government has a policy of not building new roads as this, they claim, “Encourages driving”. Perhaps an exception could be made so that the M4 and M3 could be linked by extending the A329M. An early decision on this will be needed because of the rapid expansion of Bracknell westwards towards Wokingham. In a short number of years the two towns will be as one and there will be little chance of persuading residents that houses should be demolished to make way for a motorway.
Is there anyone in charge of the future? We seem to be sleepwalking into chaos!