I had a little chuckle today after learning how a South London lady motorist had legally parked her car overnight yet found it the next morning standing on yellow lines and ticketed for illegal parking. Lambeth City Council apologised for the incident and cancelled the parking ticket. The problem had been caused by an ‘over zealous Council worker’
I am a little ambivalent about the recession. It is bad for business and I am Code 35. Yet I cannot see how we can comply with the Kyoto agreement on Global Warming without negative growth. I have had my ‘Concorde moment’ with a splendidly powerful driving school car and I will be sad when I eventually let it go. My next car will be ultra economical and ‘green’. It will destroy the environment at a much lower rate. Regretfully all human activity on this crowded planet has an adverse affect on the environment. However it is not politically correct to suggest that we reduce the population. This really would be the best way to comply with Kyoto.