Dangerous Safety Measures?

I see from the Ascot Newspaper headlines that residents are complaining about dangerous traffic calming measures. I too have witnessed a head on collision at one of the chicanes in Great Hollands. An ambulance was called to the scene and both cars were pretty mangled. I appreciate that Local Government are under pressure to install the things since the Government desires that everyone drives more slowly. Unfortunately as I have said before, safety should be of greater concern. My opinion, for what it is worth is that a footpath across the grassy area would encourage pedestrians to keep off the road. Residents have been suggesting this since the estate was built during the ’70s.
My Wife was a victim of a speed hump a short number of years ago when cycling early in the morning. The sun in her eyes temporarily blinded her and she hit a speed hump at speed and had to be taken to hospital. She could have been killed but fortunately was wearing a cycle helmet and this prevented a more serious accident. She has not cycled since.
Councils should be under pressure to make our roads safer. There is an increasing tendency for roadside furniture to be set beside the road. It is usually made out of cast steel and is painted black. I think that the logic is that if the roads are made more dangerous then we will all drive or cycle slower. However I fail to see the logic of installing these things on unlit footpaths. I walked into one of these one night and it was really painful. Is white paint more expensive than black paint?