Charge on to the future?

Firstly my thanks to Jonathan Quirk for pointing out a maths typo regarding the maximum weight one is permitted to tow and hopefully we have now corrected it. And also to Laurence A Tait for pointing out a typo and suggesting helpful information. Both have been acted upon.
I think that motorists are increasingly keen to lower their carbon footprint, me included and I am excited to read about the developments in electric car technology. Power stations can generate electricity more efficiently than the most efficient of car diesel engines. Even taking into account power losses associated with electric cars, they are usually far more efficient than an internal combustion engine. The power train needs less cooling so electric cars do not need such large and ugly radiator grills which spoil the aerodynamics and give the gawping appearance of most conventional cars. I note that the electronic control box of electric cars takes up a great deal of space but this will certainly reduce as bespoke electronics become miniaturised for mass production.