This crotch crusher has elevated the voice of many a post pubescent male over the years as they walk back from the pub on a moonless night. There is no street lighting and the area can be quite foggy during autumn nights. It may have been put there to stop drivers driving along the footpath and ending up in the pond but being all on its lonesome this black lump of metal is as effective as blind goalie. A driver intent in dunking his car could drive round it. Perhaps the Council could paint it white or remove it altogether?

20 mph speed limits have been imposed on large areas of Britain, including the road in Ascot I photographed last month. I never got a reply from the mildly chastising letter I wrote to the Council but success all the same. Remember the newly erected 30 mph speed limit signs appeared just before the limit was to be reduced to 20? The ugly speed limit signs have been removed – almost before the concrete had hardened.

The following signs were found in Reading. I think that there must have been a “Buy one, get one free” offer on at the time of installation.