Bad publicity for a rival, removals and a conspiracy!

BSM was featured on BBC ‘Watchdog’ on 11 November at 8.30pm. It is a large driving school so mistakes will occur more frequently than a small school. I have my sympathy – I don’t think the hatchet job done to them was fair. However I do object to their advertising that overstates success. You may remember their slogan – “Every six seconds someone passes with BSM”. Clearly this is rubbish and Dr. John Haigh from the University of Sussex did the figures for ‘Watchdog’. There are fewer than six driving tests conducted every minute, less than half pass the test and BSM present only a tiny percentage of test candidates. Dr Haigh commented that the BSM figures were “ridiculous”. The slogan is now removed from the BSM website.
Also removed are the duplicated road signs at Shute End, Wokingham that I complained about in my blog August 10th entitled “Seeing Double” It seems that my blog has a viewer.
The June Blog showed duplicate signs in Earley, Reading. The recent wind has played its toll on the front sign so I guess the Council are letting Nature do its work for them.
An ex-customer engaged me in conversation last week. I hasten to add that I do not subscribe to his views. He said that ‘Global warming’ did not exist, the arguments being –
It is very cold in the upper atmosphere so if the atmosphere was stirred up a bit, we would actually be cold here at the surface. The Earth was much warmer when it was first formed and Man was not around then. It has been cooling ever since so human activity is not causing warming.
Carbon dioxide is just 0.04% of the atmosphere so its effect on global warming is negligible compared to water vapour. Western powers are sabotaging growth in emerging economies by inventing global warming. Scientists get grants from Western governments to prove that global warming is occurring. Evidence that disproves global warming is suppressed.
All these arguments can be disproved with the exception of the last, ‘conspiracy’ theory. By definition there will be no evidence for this since there is a supposed conspiracy to suppress the evidence. A large percentage of the thinking population even believe that the moon landings were an elaborate hoax – you can never convince everyone.