Electric Cars – Essential Storage for Natural Energy

Natural energy from the wind, sun and tides is intermittent and although it is becoming a significant contributor to our energy needs, carbon based energy production is needed to smooth out the difference between supply and demand. There are at present very few means of storing the energy so that it can be released to satisfy peak demands. Please bear with me whilst I digress slightly.

Some customers have commented that electric vehicles will put too much strain on the electrical grid and this will limit the uptake of electric cars. My view is that electric cars will be essential if natural energy is to become more useful to us.

Electric cars store energy and therefore need to be charged when not in use. Algorithms can be generated so that they are charged when power demand is low yet can release their power during peak periods. The owners of electric cars will be rewarded by a feed in tariff as their cars contribute to the grid during peak demand periods – such as during commercial breaks in a popular television program when viewers plug in kettles to make a hot drink.