The Diesel Lobby Fights Back!

Today 11 March, the car manufacturers struck back against the uninformed anti-diesel car lobby.  I too was alarmed when listening to the anti-diesel arguments broadcast on Radio 4 this morning during a discussion involving an anti-diesel oponent.  Perhaps driving a diesel car will become a badge of honour -“I am technically informed so I drive a diesel car”.  Clearly the chap dissing diesel vehicles had little knowledge of the latest Euro 6 standards.

It seems that ozone and NOx emissions are the alleged problems ‘solely’ caused by diesel cars.  How times have changed!  London Underground use to install ozonisers on the platforms to disinfect the air and I remember being taken to the sea-side as a child to enjoy the cleansing effects of the ozone.  I suffered no adverse side effects despite the seaside trips sometimes involving a ride on a tube train.

Nitrogenous compounds  were considered rather helpful when I was a school boy.  My Science teacher once mounted his Nitrogen Cycle and drew copious arrows on his blackboard showing how natural events such as NOx producing lightning lead to plants producing protein.  You could say that he had a ‘nitrogen fixation’.

Perhaps the Gaya Principle will make things better.  The increase in man made gases will stimulate plant growth and these gasses will be taken up by vegetation and re-balance nature. Woops! I forgot.  We are chopping back the green belt to build more houses.

Every animal produces greenhouse gases. Even baby rabbits.  The trouble is that Humans now breed like rabbits.  Unfortunately their life-style causes the release of carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming.  There will be trouble ahead!