Congratulations Lewis!

Lewis Hamilton had an easy win today at the first Formula 1 race of the 2015 season at Melbourne.  Perhaps other teams might consider my contribution to help them win that illusive ‘first past the chequered flag.’

As you know, the inlet manifold tracts of race tuned engines are given a matt finish  in order to smooth the airflow.  Golf balls are given a dimpled surface to make them fly further.

Now Formula 1 cars seem to be rather glossy.  My suggestion?  Get some really coarse sand paper and scour all that lovely glossy carbon fiber in the direction taken by the air flow.  The advertisers may at first be a little miffed that their beautiful decals lose their crispness but all will be forgiven if the car wins.

Please could the winning team which adopts my suggestion reward me  with a carbon fiber sheet of pre-preg.   for the sail of my yacht project?