Ealing Comedies?

As a past victim of the Ealing Council’s scams, I take a great interest in their latest exploits. I did not have long to wait. Again Ealing Council have been getting into trouble entrapping and fining motorists to add to their coffers. Their latest reported scam has been to erect cameras over yellow box junctions and levy hefty fines for drivers who stop in the shaded area. Naturally this would be ineffective at trapping motorists since being a law-abiding bunch we would avoid blocking the junction. Cunningly, Ealing contrive to have bus stops and or pedestrian crossings a few metres beyond the crossing. These devices can, of course cause the traffic to stop unexpectedly and trap two or three cars. This will, of course give Ealing the chance to grab a few more hundred pounds during those few seconds.
Another practice operated by some London Boroughs is to send out a posse of wardens in the dead of night over the festive season and booking cars parked by dropped curbs. On that ‘happy’ note may I wish our readers a lucky, penalty-free, New Year?