Tesla Motor Cars

As you may be aware both John and Neil have got Tesla motor cars and we thoroughly enjoy themĀ  they are immensely powerful and run “off the mains” instead of the stinky fossil fuel.

The Tesla fleet currently comprises Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y motor cars. Yeah – S3XY was deliberate!

John runs a Model S the ‘executive saloon’ of the Tesla fleet and has clocked of a lot of miles. As an early (and expensive) adopter he got free supercharging for life (of the car).

I recently bought a Model 3 which is what Americans refer to a ‘economy sedan’. Whilst not exactly ‘cheap’ it is at the lower starting cost of the Tesla fleet. Unfortunately the free supercharging does not apply to my purchase – I’m on pay-per-kWh.

As an incentive to get friends and colleagues to invest in the same technology for themselves Tesla have a referral scheme which will provides 1000 free miles of supercharging to anyone using the referral code and to the referee. If you use my referral code as a web link to start your purchase 1000 miles will be added to your ‘Loot Box’ for use at subsequent superchargers.


Feel free to pass it on to anyone interested.

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