John Silvester – About Me

I am John Silvester from Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom.  I have a General Science degree, an honours degree in Biochemistry taken at The University of Liverpool, a Certificate of Education taken at Reading Bulmersh Teachers Training College (now The University of Reading) and a Diploma in Driving Instruction awarded by The Royal Society of Arts.  At one time I was a tutor for The Rapid Results College training for The Transport Manager’s Exam (for which I hold qualifications in National and International Operations)  I have passed a number of vocational driving tests and thereby hold C, C+E and D qualifications.

As a School teacher I have taught Physics up to ‘A’ level and have acted as a supply teacher in a number of other subjects.

I registered The Berkshire Driving School in December 1974 shortly after receiving news that I had passed my Instructor’s examinations and have been at the forefront of innovation such as being the first driving school to run a diesel car when Volkswagen introduced the Golf 1500LD.  Ongoing projects include using a computer to assess a person’s driving ability, developing a more efficient means to couple a trailer and control the lights, and as a hobby, robotics.

I have appeared on radio and television through my work on robotics and for the series ‘Robot Wars’ and ‘Technogames’ I headed a team of Roboteers to design and build a heavyweight robot called ‘Joker’.  I am currently designing a Robot Yacht to enter the Microtransat.

My Driving school is mainly involved in training teachers to drive minibuses and I also train drivers for the +E towing qualification.



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