Free Driving Lessons!

I have always claimed that my driving lessons cost my Clients nothing whatsoever.  In fact they will be better off if they did take driving lessons with me.  I have boasted this claim for the forty odd years that I have been teaching people to drive and any of my Clients who have actually put this claim to the test will verify the truth of this claim.  Let me explain  ….

Assume that the average weekend driver has a small car and does 10,000 miles each year.  He or she will cover about 500 miles per tank full of fuel.  A tank will cost in the order of £50 so will have  filled up the equivalent of twenty  empty tanks per year at a cost of £1,000.  The more astute of my readers will no doubt check my figures and be claiming that these figures are far too low.  Just bear with me, I have merely chosen numbers which my readers can hold in their head without resorting to a calculator.

An efficient style of driving will reduce this by at least ten percent.  One ex-Client even told be that he had halved his consumption!  Lets take a low case scenario – £100 saved per year.  If you are a professional driver with a powerful car, minibus or 4X4 drawing a trailer your fuel costs will be ten times higher than our weekend driver in a shopping car.  You could save a minimum of a grand on diesel alone!  How many weeks might you drive before you could recoup the cost of my driver training?

Let me quote  calls  I have received –

“I save myself  fifteen minutes every other day since I do not need to fill up each day!”

” I really enjoy my driving now.  I am more relaxed when I get to work which makes me a better manager”

“I have halved my fuel consumption so my HGV lessons cost me nothing”


Early days-

I re-badged my first diesel car of the mid seventies and fitted a bib spoiler,  spats and red trim so it resembled this mk1 Golf GTi.  My Clients achieved 48mpg on driving lessons, significantly beating the Total Economy Run figures of the day.  There was no power steering so I inflated the front tyres to 40psi to make the steering lighter but the clutch was too heavy for my liking.  Great for my Clients though, they could not stall it even on the steepest of hills. Finding garages which sold diesel was a problem though.