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Equipment in a Vauxhall Vectra police car recently claimed that it reached nearly 160 mph. The top of the range V6 3.2 litre Elite model would muster in the order of 210 bhp and be good for about 140 mph. Pushing the car that extra 20 mph faster would need at least another 100 bhp I come to one of two conclusions. Either tax payer’s money is spent on massive vehicle modifications to police vehicles which would include transmission and brake upgrades to handle the extra power – or perhaps the equipment in the police car over-read by 15%.
Now that some police forces are operating a ‘no leeway’ policy to maximise returns from speed traps, may we hope that their equipment has been thoroughly calibrated so that the innocent are not penalised.


A motoring magazine devoted a page to blaming the police for operating well publicised speed traps on the M4 recently. It seems that motorists were devoting so much attention to their speedometers that a multiple car pile-up occurred near to the police operations. Most drivers regard tail-gating as the worst driving fault in others yet seem to be completely oblivious that they themselves could be guilty of this.


Thirty years ago there use to be a device by the north bound road leading past Ascot race course. It warned drivers if they were tail-gating and flashed DRIVING TOO CLOSE. After it disappeared from that location I briefly re-discovered it again a few years later near Watford. Has anyone seen it recently? Such devices if modified with cameras and set up around accident black spots on fast roads would surely be useful safety measures.


Why are the local primary schools being closed down yet a large number of houses are about to be erected in the locality? Parents will have to drive their children further to school adding to congestion. The local government discourage road use by installing traffic calming obstructions, phasing some traffic lights to go red as vehicles approach them and in some places, putting yellow lines down to make vehicles park on both sides of the road so that park vehicles act as traffic obstructions. The traffic delays increases the number of vehicles on the road and adds to pollution. Holding up traffic hobbles public transport!